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New Theories for Non-Clients to Seek Disqualification of Counsel

Most disqualification cases arise from a conflict of interest involving disclosure or the threat of disclosure of confidential information.1 On occasion, a disqualification motion will be made upon the alleged unethical conduct of adverse counsel. In some cases, courts have held that a litigant may have standing to assert a basis for disqualification of the opposing counsel even where there was no pre-existing attorney-client relationship between that counsel and the moving party, and confidential information was not involved.

[Full Article at Los Angeles County Bar Association]

Robert K. Sall

A shareholder of the Firm, Mr. Sall is regarded as an expert in legal ethics, attorney’s fees and legal malpractice, and has been retained numerous times as a consultant and expert witness in matters involving lawyer conduct and attorneys’ fees. Since the early 1980’s, Mr. Sall’s practice emphasis has been in cases involving lawyer conduct, including the prosecution and defense of legal malpractice actions.  

Mr. Sall is a Certified Specialist in Legal Malpractice Law by the State Bar of California’s Board of Legal Specialization. He is a graduate of UCLA (1975) magna cum laude, and Hastings College of the Law (1978). He is a current member of the Orange County Bar Association Professionalism and Ethics Committee, and a member and past chair of the Los Angeles County Bar Association Professional Responsibility and Ethics Committee.

Mr. Sall is a member of the UC Hastings Foundation Board of Trustees, and is the current President of the Foundation.

Mr. Sall served on the State Bar’s Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct (2003-2006). He has also been a Probation Monitor and a Special Deputy Trial Counsel for the State Bar of California, served as a member and chair of the State Bar’s Committee on Mandatory Fee Arbitration (1995-2000), served as Co-Chair of the Orange County Bar Association’s Mandatory Fee Arbitration (MFA) Program, and has served on the Client Relations and Judiciary Committees of the Orange County Bar Association. Mr. Sall has taught law courses in Professional Responsibility and Legal Malpractice and frequently lectures at MCLE events in matters related to legal ethics and attorneys’ fees. 

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