Publications: Suzanne Burke Spencer

SuzanneSuzanne Burke Spencer is the managing shareholder of Sall Spencer Callas & Krueger. She practices in the areas of professional malpractice and attorney ethics as well as complex business and real estate litigation, including legal malpractice, partnership and business disputes, real estate and foreclosure, derivative actions, unfair business practices, contract disputes, and attorney fee and lien disputes. [more about Ms. Spencer]

Do I have to? Determining if withdrawal is mandatory

pdf iconThe lines between ethically mandated and permissive withdrawal from a client’s representation are often unclear, making it difficult for attorneys to determine their ethical obligations and how to satisfy them. This article will explore where the lines are drawn, how they are applied, and what an attorney’s duties are when withdrawing from representation… [Download PDF]

Ethical Enforcement of Attorney’s Liens – Avoiding Traps for the Unwary

pdf iconNoting the mischief and leverage over a client’s funds that even a false notice of attorney’s lien gives an attorney, the Court of Appeal in Carroll v. Interstate Brands Corp., 99 Cal. App. 4th 1168, 1178 (2002) called on the legislature to adopt statutory procedures for the expeditious resolution of attorney’s liens. Ten years later, no such statutory procedures have been provided. Much of the “mischief” feared by the Carroll court, however, can be avoided if an attorney abides…. [Download PDF]